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If you are experiencing thinning edges/hair or want to add plumpness to your strands, this Herbal Hair Growth Oil is the perfect solution.


Infused with all-natural ingredients, this oil increases the strength of hair follicles while promoting healthy hair growth.


This oil uses the traditional herb Chebe to stimulate hair roots and improve overall hair health. Whether you are looking to thicken your edges or simply want fuller locks. Add this nourishing oil to your hair care routine for healthy, beautiful locks.



Velvety Roots Herbal Hair Growth Oil 4 oz.

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$16.50Sale Price
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  • Vetiver root, Senna Flowers, Vilumichai root, Licorice root, Nigella seeds, Dried Amla, Rose Petals, Alkanet, White Turmeric, Bakul Flowers, Bacuchi seeds, Senna leaves, Henna seeds, Sweet Flag, Myrobalan, Screw Tree Pods, Fenugreek Seeds, Curry Leaves fenugreek,  ginseng, nettle, pure olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, black seed oil

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